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Health and safety on the construction site

Construction sites are never suitable places for human beings. Some people work alone in remote areas for instance at night, there is a health risk when the injured person does not receive treatment immediately. It is therefore essential that health and safety regulations are well observed in the construction site. There are several ways to ensure that people are well protected in the construction site; such techniques include:

Scaffolding should be put in place Not all buildings are put just on the ground, but some are very high. Skilful person therefore, should ensure that scaffolding are well regularly and that the safety on the workers is guaranteed. The workers should also mind their safety by putting on a safety harness.

Employees training Some of the machines used in the construction site can be dangerous if not handled well. Workers should be trained on how all the machines or rather equipment is used .Training of the employees will make them responsible and the supervisor will have a good time in supervising them. Untrained workers can be a burden to the employer since he will have to be accountable in case worker is injured or he will have to buy new machines if the others are damaged.

Personal protective equipment Workers should be well equipped with some protective attire to put on in the construction site. Boots are recommended to ensure the feet are well-protected. Helmets are also useful since they help the work in case there are dangerous gases in the construction site. Inhaling the gas can be hazardous for the health of the personnel in the construction site. Personal protective equipment ensures the protection of the workers.

Construction sites are not the right places to stay. The owners of the constructions sites should always ensure that all the safety regulations are put in place, the construction site should be monitored and managed by legal personnel.

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