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What affects cost of scaffolding

If you are looking to convert loft, build an extension, a new house or just make necessary repair, scaffolding is always required. Scaffolding guarantees not only easy access but also give possibility to make work more efficient as multiple people can work at the same time from the same level. While the necessity of using scaffolding is undisputed, a high cost of it is not.

There are variety of factor which effect scaffolding cost. According to scaffold firm the price is usually based on the following:

  1. Hire time – the standard length of hiring may vary between 6 and 8 weeks, and quoted price for this period is fixed. If the time frame is unknown a price is given for erect and dismantle.

  2. Localisation – hiring in London might be few times more expensive compering to other areas. The high prices are due to access requirement and additional cost which scaffold firm need to endure.

  3. Design – the higher and more complicated it is, the more expensive it is.

  4. Additional requirements – some projects demand to use special equipment such as temporary roof, hoist. Sometimes it is the need to obtain a permission from local council.

All the factors must be considered before an estimate is prepared. Also, the cost of scaffolding can vary markedly between suppliers. It is good idea to get some good estimates and compare price as the cost of hiring scaffolding is usually a great part of the project budget.

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