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4 Ways to Help You and Your Client Save Money On the House Extensions & Renovations

Embarking on a home renovation journey is an exciting endeavor, but it's no secret that it can also put a strain on your client’s budget. In this blog article, we will unveil ways to save money while transforming your client’s home into the space of their dreams.

#1. Smart Saving with BuilderExpert

BuilderExpert’s construction estimating software empowers you to make cost-effective choices, prioritize your spending, and maximize your client’s house renovation budget. Our innovative building cost calculator revolutionizes the way you plan and track your renovation expenses, ensuring that you stay within budget.Whether you are looking to build a home extension or renovating your home, say goodbye to budget overruns and hello to smart savings as you confidently navigate your project.

#2. The Power of Paying in Cash

By paying in cash, your client can avoid interest payments that can accumulate over time, potentially saving them a significant amount of money. Additionally, getting paid upfront allows you to have better control over your budget. It also provides a sense of financial security and peace of mind.

#3. Savvy Shopper's Secret

One of the first stops on your client’s savings journey should be Amazon, the retail giant known for its frequent sales and deals. Amazon warehouses provide excellent quality open-box products which can be used to purchase kitchen appliances and furniture. Another fantastic resource for budget-friendly options is IKEA. And let's not forget the shopping extravaganza on Black Friday which provides an ideal opportunity to score incredible deals on everything from furniture to lighting fixtures which gives the perfect finishing touches to your house extension project.

#4. Selling Things Not in Use Anymore

It’s worth taking a close look at each room and identifying items that are gathering dust or taking up valuable space. Whether it's furniture, appliances, decor, or even clothing, there's a market for almost everything. Your client can take high-quality photos, write compelling descriptions, and set reasonable prices to attract interested buyers. Not only will they declutter their space and create a fresh canvas for their home renovation, but they'll also generate additional funds to help cover expenses or invest in new items for their transformed home. However, if they don’t need the money they can always help someone out and donate their old fixtures to their local charity :) So, get started on your budget-friendly project today, armed with the tools, strategies, and knowledge!

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