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Summer ready garden ideas

Gardens have the unique feature of being both a private property to you and public property to outsiders. How well you maintain your garden is the same way people will perceive you. Garden designs do not have to be typical designs; going creative and trying out new designs away from the normal is the latest craze.

Gardens usually come in handy, especially in summer when the temperatures get so high that it becomes intolerable to stay indoors.

Below is a guide that gives you a few tips on sharing your home garden an outstanding transition with a personalized signature look.

Colourful garden


Incorporating the use of concrete on your garden pavings not only add a rustic natural vibe to your garden but also increases both durability and functionality on your paving. In addition, infusing different color schemes of concrete and designs that blend with your garden theme will enhance the look of your garden.

Painting the concrete on your paving while engraining concrete which has curves in your garden is a sure way of giving your garden an edge.


For a more exotic and versatile look in your garden lawn, try and blend in both wood and concrete at the center to create an island and in the edges of your garden to maximize the impact of your outdoor décor.

Flower beddings

Infusing both wood and concrete in your flower beddings is a sure way to command attention in your garden. Ensure that you use concrete that does not stain easily or is easy to clean.

Using treated wood with an earthy color is an excellent idea to add an exclusive statement to your garden for a more vintage look. Add an enchanting charm to your garden flower beddings by integrating varying shapes that are eye-catching, with the wood laid in different patterns around your garden.

Paved garden with flower beds

Wooden pergolas

If you are a nature enthusiast, injecting wood with warm color schemes in your pergola is the best fit for you. Try fitting your pergola in the middle of your garden for a more subtle and attention-grabbing look.

Sitting and BBQ areas

Turn your outdoors into your indoors this summer by incorporating wood and concrete in your outdoor sitting and BBQ areas. If you are the kind of person who has lots of friends over the weekend, then using concrete in your BBQ areas is the best fit for you. This improves functionality and ensures that your BBQ is staying in shape due to the durability properties of concrete.

Using rounded furniture in your sitting exudes precision and freshness in your garden sitting space.

Easy to look after

When deciding on your preferred choice of garden design, ensure that you choose garden designs that are easy to look after. They need little maintenance in terms of costs and time; this doesn't mean that you should compromise on quality because of your budget.

Sitting area

Improving your garden designs is not a luxury, but in fact, it is a priority, especially during the hot summers. Your garden becomes your sanctuary when your indoors become intolerable due to the high temperatures experienced in summer.

Ensure that you engage a pro when deciding on which garden designs layouts to implore in your home to create attractive garden layout in your home.

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