When are on site Building Control Inspections required?


While caring out construction project, there are stages, after each the Building Control must be informed and inspect the works. Main stages:

  • Commencement (48 hours before commencing)

  • Excavation for foundations (24 hours before concreting)

  • Foundation concrete (24 hours before covering)

  • Oversite prior to concrete (24 hours before covering)

  • Damp proof courses (24 hours before covering)

  • Drains (24 hours before covering)

  • Drains and Soil & Vent Pipes testing (not more than 5 days after completion)

  • Occupation before completion (not more than 5 days before occupation)

  • Completion (not more than 5 days after completion).

It is normal for other intermediate inspections to be carried out, for example to inspect structural steelwork and floor/roof timbers. Some of the inspections are often forgotten by the applicant / builder. The inspection also checks such items as:

  • ventilation to rooms and roof voids

  • waste details

  • roof coverings

  • fire precautions and requirements

  • safety glazing

  • staircase details.


On each visit Inspector will advice and guidance you and ensure that standards and Building Control Regulations have been achieved.

You can choose the building control provider- private or the not-for-profit service offered by their local council.


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