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Please read our Terms and Conditions before requesting the estimate. Following up on the invoice means the Client agree with our terms.


Builder Expert Ltd provides estimating services only, which means the price of the estimate is not fixed. The cost of construction projects are subjective and could be influenced by many external conditions which we can't control. The Client is fully responsible for the final estimate in terms of cost and specification. Client accepts full liability for using the estimate.

Builder Expert Ltd produce estimates based on dimensions and quantities taken from drawings only which means we do not study specification and documentation to extract information about materials and tasks. 


Descriptions and costs included in the estimate are based on standard tasks and materials cost and will not be adjusted to individual needs and specification. 


Follow the link below to find the full list of tasks used to produce an estimate. The only relevant task to the project will be used.

Builder Expert Ltd does not estimate the following:

- Finishing materials (e.g. tiles, flooring, bathroom suites, furniture)

- Repairs (e.g. partial roof repairs, floor renewal, leaks)

- Non-standard joinery (e.g. custom build units, cupboards)

- Windows and custom glazing (e.g. sash windows, bifold doors, lanterns)

The above tasks can be included in the estimate as a "Provisional Sum" if requested.  


Every estimate is provided in editable "Microsoft Word" format which allows our clients to adjust or change estimate to their liking. Builder Expert will not make any changes to the estimate free of charge however if necessary we do offer hourly rate services. 

Payment and Delivery Time

Builder Expert Ltd will undertake the service after the invoice is paid in full. Payments made after 1 pm will be credited on the following business day. Standard delivery time is five working days, except for special orders which are subject to an additional charge.


The Client is responsible for providing drawings and documentation in a scalable electronic PDF format. Information and specification for construction elements and tasks which are not visible in the drawings or scope of works will not be included in the estimate unless requested by the Client.


The Client is responsible for providing the following documents: 

- Existing drawings

- Proposed drawings

- Structural drawings

- Specification

- Scope of works


All communication should be by email. Otherwise, Builder Expert Ltd will not be liable for any faults in communication or missing information.


Builder Expert Ltd reserves the rights to change the " Terms and Conditions "and any other content on this website at any given time without notification to the users.

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