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Garden Pools - Everything you Need to Know!

Swimming pools are not only limited to concrete as its construction material for it can also come in blocks and even wood. For whatever budget and space you have, there is a pool design that will fit your needs without sacrificing aesthetics.

Concrete pool

Different Types of Constructions:

Concrete Walls

Concrete is the most popular option for swimming pool walls because it is water-resistant, durable, and customizable. It can withstand wear, pressure, and damage for a longer period of time. Concrete is an ideal material, especially if you're doing the construction during summer. If maintained properly, the concrete wall of your concrete swimming pool can last for over 40 years without the need for resurfacing. If you're living in a permanent home, concrete pool walls would be an ideal choice that can save you money in the long run.

Concrete pools are built with a hydrostatic relief valve that is connected to the main drain at the bottom as well as the skimmer drains in its walls. Although most concrete pools are built below ground, building concrete pools above ground is also a cost-effective option.

If your pool is in frequent use, then consider brushing the pool floors and walls at least once a week to keep the concrete clean. Investing in a pool pump can save you more time since it can automatically filter the water and allow the chlorine to circulate.

Block Walls

Block or brick is another material option for your swimming pool walls. It is slightly expensive compared to concrete but easier to install and it adds more character to your home oasis. To save money, you can make this your DIY project considering that bricks are practically easy to install. Contrary to common belief, brick does not only come in red but in a variety of colors as well. Whatever color option you choose for your brick pool, you can trust that it can maintain its aesthetics because bricks do not fade. Bricks are also easy to maintain since it is not very absorptive to dirt and impurities.

Installing a hydrostatic relief valve in your brick garden pool does not come cheap and there is an alternative. A submersible pump is the best option for those on a budget and it is practically easy to use. Whether you opt for an above or below-ground brick garden pool, this option will allow you to have a functioning pool without breaking the bank.

Since bricks are non-absorptive, cleaning them would be very easy. Brushing the bricks every week will be just like a walk in the park since there will be no stubborn and hard to remove dirt. If a brick gets damaged, it can be fixed easily since you only need to remove and replace the damaged piece.

Pool cleaning equipment

Wooden Construction

Wood is the best material option if you want to achieve the most pleasant and comfortable garden pool aesthetic. Compared to concrete and bricks, wood can be harder to maintain but the warmth that it provides to your garden pool environment would be worth all the effort. It is also the most sustainable material that you can choose for your pool. Using wood in constructing your garden pool would add continuity to the garden's natural environment. It is the most seamless material option that will allow you to be completely one with nature in the comfort of your own home.

It is common for wooden garden pools to be built above ground, mostly for aesthetic purposes. Clean your wooden pool at least once a week using a pressure washer or hose and brush. Also, you can apply mildewcide to remove and prevent the growth of molds.

Pool heating systems: Solar Energy vs Electric Heater

An electric heater utilizes the air from the atmosphere to heat your pool while a solar pool heater utilizes a pump to recirculate the water from your pool to the panel to warm it up. If you're looking for the most cost-effective option, then solar energy would be your best option. However, solar energy is reliant on the heat of the sun which means that it can not provide consistent heating all the time of the year. If you need your pool to be heated consistently all year round, then an electric heater would be an option that you can consider.

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